Below you will find most of your important questions answered. We cover everything from getting started, purchasing your bingo cards to withdrawing your winnings, but if there’s anything we’ve missed, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff immediately. Contact us details.

Getting Started

Downloading of Software?
Does Vernons Bingo run on both Mac and PC computers?
How do I register?
How do I log in?

Privacy and Security

How is my privacy protected?
How do you ensure fair gaming?
I've forgotten my username and password, what do I need to do?

Deposits, withdrawals & banking

How do I make a deposit?
How do I make a withdrawal?
How do I know my money is safe with you?
Is it possible to view my transaction history?
What deposit methods do you accept?
How will my transactions appear on my bank or credit card statements?


What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a game?
Where do I find the game rules?
How do I view the history of the games I've played?
Can I play other games other than Bingo at Vernons bingo?
How do I find out about special promotions and events at Vernons Bingo?
What are Vernons bingo points?
How do I make a complaint?
I need further assistance. Where should I go?
What is SOI?


Our GDPR Statement
What we have done in order to be GDPR compliant?

  1. Downloading of software?

    1. To play bingo Adobe Flash Player version 9.0 or above must be installed on your PC. If this version of the player is not already installed, when you access the game you will be prompted to download the player at no charge.

      The bingo application can be played using Internet Explorer version 6.0 (or above) Chrome: Version 25.0.1364.152 m or Firefox 1.5 (or above).

      To ensure the bingo game performs at its optimum level please close all unwanted programs and minimise any programs that you are not actively using.

      Cookies must be enabled on your web-browser.

      Recommended system requirements are Windows Intel® Pentium® III 700MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) with 256mb RAM.

  2. Does Vernons Bingo run on both Mac and PC computers?

    1. Yes, you can play Vernons Bingo on both Mac and PC computers. However, we do recommend that you play via a broadband connection for the most enjoyable gaming experience.
  3. How do I register?

    1. All in just a minute or so – From Vernons Bingo home page, click on Join Us and simply fill in the registration form that opens on your screen. In no time at all you’ll playing Bingo with us and being able to meet and chat with new friends.
  4. How do I log in?

    1. At the top of the Vernons Bingo home page, you will find a LOGIN BOX where you enter your username and secure password to log in to your account. Logging in ensures you can play the games, edit your personal details, make deposits or cash out your winnings.
  5. How is my privacy protected?

    1. At Vernons, your security is part of our promise to provide the best possible online gaming experience. Accordingly, we use the tightest security measures to ensure the safety of your financial and personal details at all times.

  6. How do you ensure fair gaming?

    1. Our games are conducted under a remote casino license issued by the Gambling Commission (GB) currently held by NetPlay Malta Limited.

  7. I have forgotten my username or password, what do I need to do?

    1. No problem at all. Just click on forgot username/password in the Vernons Bingo home page LOGIN BOX and we'll send your forgotten username or password to your registered email address immediately. If the problem prevails and you still can’t log in, simply contact our Support Team at any time 24/7 and they will help you every step of the way.
  8. How do I make a deposit?

    1. Once you've logged in on the website or opened the Bingo lobby, click the Cashier (from website) or Bank (from lobby) button. Select a payment method and deposit your required amount. For further information regarding payment options and procedures, visit our How to Deposit page.
  9. How do I make a withdrawal?

    1. Once you've logged in on the website or opened the Bingo lobby, click on the Cashier (from website) or Bank (from lobby) button. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, select your preferred payment method and click 'Withdraw'. Your request takes a short period to process as our audit team verifies that you have completed your bonus wagering requirements.
  10. How do I know my money is safe with you?

    1. Our remote gambling licence issued to us by the Gambling Commission (GB) requires us to inform all our customers about how we handle the funds we hold for you and how your funds are protected in the case of insolvency. We keep all our players' funds separate from our own funds used to operate our business - This means that we keep your money in a completely separate bank account from our own so that your right to these funds is established should our company ever fail. However, please note that this does not guarantee the protection of your funds, any recovery of your money would still be subject to creditors' demands and liquidation procedures. This policy meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the level of basic protection, and is done in accordance with their rules, which are available to download here. Ultimate liability for Your account balance lies with Us as the licensee. You should check Your Account balance each time You access the Service. In the event of any errors, it is Your responsibility to notify Us at the earliest opportunity.
  11. Is it possible to view my transaction history?

    1. Yes, if you want to check your deposit and withdrawal history, simply go the Cashier on the website or Bank section in the Bingo lobby and click on 'Transaction History' at the bottom of the screen.
  12. What deposit methods do you accept?

    1. We accept a wide range of deposit methods , including credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, Moneybookers / Skrill, as well as Neteller accounts.
  13. How will my transactions appear on my bank or credit card statements?

    1. All transactions will be noted as Sportech e-gaming/Alderney
  14. What happens if I am disconnected in the middle of a game?

    1. If your connection to a Bingo game is lost for whatever reason, e.g. internet connection problems or by clicking on the X, you can still go back into the Bingo room and resume your participation.
      • If you join before the game has begun, you will see the same tickets/strips as before and you will have the option to purchase, if time permits.
      • If you join a game whilst it is in progress and you have already purchased tickets for that game, the game will resume at the current number being called, your purchased tickets will be retrieved and you will be able to watch the remainder of the game being played out.
      • If you are disconnected while a game is in progress, you can still see the results in Bet History after completion of the game.

      For other games than Bingo we also have a highly sophisticated protection mechanism in place to deal with such situations. After a certain amount of time, you will automatically be logged out of the games. If, however, you manage to reconnect before being logged off, you can return to the game exactly where you left it (if you were playing blackjack, craps and video poker). As for roulette or slots, just go to 'Options', then 'History' (in the game window) to discover your game results.

  15. Where do I find the game rules?

    1. The game rules can be found under our easy to find 'Help' section inside the Bingo lobby. To access, click on Help at the top of the Bingo lobby and then go to relevant section.
  16. How do I view the history of the games I've played?

    1. Your game history shows you the vital game statistics for each historical game you have played. We recommend that you regularly check your Bingo transactions in Bet History in order to confirm your bets and winnings.

      For bingo games you can see your bet history by clicking on the “Bet History” button at the top of the bingo window.

      For other games you can see your bet history, simply by clicking 'Options' at the bottom of the game window, then click on 'History' for a listing of all past bets made on specific games.

  17. Can I play other games other than Bingo at Vernons bingo?

    1. Yes, there are lots of fun games available at Vernons bingo! We offer popular Instant Win Games, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Roulette and much more, you can play them all using your same Vernons bingo username and password.

      Just log in and click on the game you feel like playing under games. Alternatively, if you're already in the middle of a bingo game, just click on one of the game buttons on the upper left of your bingo cards to start the game.

  18. How do I find out about special promotions and events at Vernons Bingo?

    1. Once you’ve registered for a Vernons account, you will automatically be entitled to receive promotional emails (you may, of course, opt out of this service at any time). You may also drop in on our Promotions page from time to time to check out our new promotions.
  19. Is there a first deposit bonus available?

    1. At Vernons bingo you earn points when you play bingo and/or games and you can later turn them into bonuses. To earn points you need to be a registered player and play bingo. Every time you purchase bingo tickets, stake on slots or scratch cards you will earn points accordingly:

      Points are accrued according to the loyalty level you are in. for more information please see the loyalty plan page.

      When you have accumulated 1,000 loyalty points they can then be changed into £1.00 of bonus money, regardless of loyalty level. This bonus money can be used to purchase bingo tickets, scratch cards or play games.

      It’s very easy converting your loyalty points into bonus money. All you will have to do is click on the Account button in the lobby and select V Club. Go to the Bingo club tab and click on the Redeem Points button, enter the amount of points you would like to redeem and submit..

  20. How do I make a complaint

    1. If You have any complaints about the Service(s), please contact the Customer Services department in the first instance by emailing bingosupport@vernons.com. If your complaint is not resolved by the support team you can escalate your complaint by emailing complaints@vernons.com within two weeks of any incident. We will endeavour to respond within 3 weeks of receipt of your communication.

      For players in the United Kingdom we have appointed eCOGRA (www.eCOGRA.org) as our Alternative Dispute Resolution provider (“ADR”). You have free right of access to them as an ADR provider should you remain unsatisfied with the results of our complaints procedure above. You can refer your dispute to eCOGRA as soon as possible once you receive our final decision. More information regarding eCOGRA’S dispute resolution services can be found at http://www.ecogra.org/srs/policies_procedures.php. A dispute resolution form can be obtained at http://www.ecogra.org/srs/dispute.php. You can appeal any decision of eCogra to the courts of England.

      Complaints can also be channelled to eCOGRA or the AGCC through the use of the European Online Dispute Resolution platform, which allows customers another way to file, respond to, and handle their dispute.

  21. I need further assistance. Where should I go?

    1. If you have a question, we have an answer. Check out our 'Help' section for further guidance or contact our helpful Customer Support team available from 9am till Midnight by email or telephone.
  22. What is SOI?

    1. Player well-being and security is of great importance to us. As a licensed operator regulated to trade in Great Britain, we have an obligation to know that the source of the funds that customers use to play with us is legitimate. Furthermore, as part of the regulated sector, we have a legal obligation in line with various national and European laws with regards to due diligence and Know-Your-Customer (KYC). Customer due diligence checks should already be familiar to customers from their experience of dealing with the wider banking and financial services sector.

      Therefore, at times when certain internal and regulatory limits and thresholds are reached it may become necessary for us to ask you to provide evidence to confirm the source(s) of funds and source (s) of wealth you use.

      We do appreciate this may be the first time you have been asked this question, but it is a clear licencing requirement from the Gambling Commission of Great Britain and other national and international regulation. Netplay/Betsson is not alone in seeking this type of information from customers, and it is likely that other operators will also request this from you if your spend/play reaches similar levels or you have met other relevant criteria.

      If we ask you to provide source of funds documentation, it is important to make sure that you provide evidence that identifies the actual source(s) of funds that you use to bet or play with and that it matches up with and can substantiate your gambling activity.

      This information may be in the form of:

    2. Proof of earnings: Payslip/Director remuneration/Dividends/Pension;
    3. A bank statement/savings account that clearly shows consistent incoming values from an identifiable source
    4. A Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds;
    5. Dated proof of an award/payment made to you;
    6. Other clear evidence that would support "affordability" in relation to your business with us
    7. We may need to ask you for information or clarity on what you have provided. This may also be linked to further ensuring the best customer care we can give you and therefore we may call to discuss your account, responsible gambling and any other area we feel will be appropriate.

      What will you do with this information and will you share it?

      Let us reassure you that any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We have a small dedicated secure department who perform the assessments and strictly control the process. The information you provide will not be used by ourselves for any purpose other than to establish that the money you use to play comes from legitimate sources, such that we can discharge our regulatory obligation.

      Would other operators ask me this?

      All Operators licensed by the UK Gambling Commission have an obligation to ensure they know-their-customer and are aware, where required, their source of income. You can see some articles directly from the Commission’s site below about this.

      What happens if I won’t/don’t/can’t send you the documents and information?

      If this information is not received, we will take further restrictive actions on your account and take any other further actions required under regulation.

      Where can I read more about this requirement?


      https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/PDF/AML/Prevention-of-money-laundering-and-combating-the-financing-of-terrorism.pdf - with focus on Ongoing Monitoring, Identification and Business Relationships

      https://www.rga.eu.com/wp-content/uploads/RGA-AML-guidance-2010.pdf - with focus on Customer Due Diligence-Enhanced Due Diligence


  • Our GDPR Statement

    1. A new EU regulation will soon come into effect that will impact how personal data of each EU citizen is collected and processed by organisations. The General Data Protection Regulation will come into force on 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is expected to set a new standard for consumer rights regarding their data and the companies are required to put systems and processes in place to comply.
  • What we have done in order to be GDPR compliant?

    1. We are amending our activities and associated policies and procedures as necessary in order to fully comply with GDPR following a thorough assessment, including a new data breach reporting procedure.
    2. We are amending our activities and associated policies and procedures as necessary in order to fully comply with GDPR following a thorough assessment, including a new data breach reporting procedure.
    3. We are checking our procedures to ensure they cover all the privacy rights individuals have, including access right to their personal data, the right to erasure, portability right or the right to object to some processing activities.
    4. We are adding supplementary safeguards in the Data Processing Agreements concluded with our data processors.
    5. We are reviewing all our main business partners for compliance with GDPR paying a special attention to our marketing activities providers.
    6. We are carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments, as necessary.
    7. We are implementing very clear data retention terms for each type of personal data based on the mandatory legal requirements for storing some categories of personal data, as the Anti Money Laundering laws are.
    8. Our websites will have new futures for collecting marketing consents, being updated so that customers have the assurance that they will be contacted and treated in accordance with GDPR requirements.
    9. All our websites will contain updated Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy clearly identified.
    10. All data processing activities are grounded just on lawful basis.
    11. We have a designed Data Protection Officer and a dedicated communication channel, available for all interested customers: dataprivacy@betssongroup.com
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    Once you have registered you will be able to change you bonus preferences at any time by contacting the the customer Support Team.

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