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Roulette Express is live roulette but with a twist — speed. The rapid pace which the game is played at, with the wheel spun every 60 seconds, is what sets it apart from regular roulette and makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-thrills yet time-efficient game to play. With Roulette Express players can benefit from a number of features that make play easy and there is a range of bonus options to take advantage of to ensure that the Roulette Express experience is not just a fun one, but is also rewarding.
With a spin every minute, Roulette Express is accessible and the action is fast-paced. And with jackpots of up to £7000 to be won, the game can give you some big wins. Roulette Express is certainly one of the top live casino games on the market today!

How To Play

  • Just as with classic roulette, the aim of Roulette Express, broadcast live and in real time, is to guess the winning number or colour that the roulette ball will land on once the wheel is spun.
  • To play, players first select their game and set their bets. There is a wide betting range, from £0.25 to £10,000 and a number of different betting options available to players. After this, when the minute timer hits zero the game begins and the wheel is spun.


  • Although it is broadcast live, rather than having a live dealer, Roulette Express benefits from an automated-spin set-up.
  • The game is broadcast live from a secure studio location and streamed via a video link to players at home or even on the go on their mobile devices.
  • The online layout of the game is simple and easy to navigate, with the left-hand side of the screen displaying the steamed television segment and the right-hand side showing the roulette table on which players bets are placed.


  • Roulette Express has both play and real-money versions. Before playing, players have the option to choose which of the two they want to access. Although the free 'fun' version of the game awards no money bonuses, it is perfect for those new to the game and looking to understand the workings of Roulette Express before laying down any bets.
  • Players are also entitled to a range of bonuses and promotions by signing up to play Roulette Express, from deposit-match sign-up bonuses to an ever-changing number of loyalty bonuses and promotions.

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