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Roulette Express Premium is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, automated roulette wheel that lets you play without any distractions from croupiers or other players.
Roulette Express Premium is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offers a wide range of betting options, so you can take a seat at the table any time and tailor this live roulette experience precisely to suit you. Roulette Express Premium is a must for serious roulette players everywhere.

How To Play

- Select ‘Play’ and you will taken to the Roulette game
- Click on the chip you want to play with: these have values ranging from 25p to £100
- Decide which part of the table you want to place your bet on and click on it.
- Just like in a real casino there is no need to confirm your bets after placing your chips. Once the round has closed your bets will be accepted.
- If you change your mind after placing your chips you can 'CLEAR' all bets, ‘REMOVE’ a stack or ‘UNDO’ to reverse your last action.
- When the on-screen counter hits zero, the wheel will spin. Winnings will be automatically calculated and available for placed on your balance ready to use. .
- After this, the table will re-open and a new game will begin. You can choose new bets, or click on 'Repeat' to use the same as last time.
- European roulette rules apply. We play by European Roulette rules, using just one zero pocket as opposed to the two used in American roulette, therefore our rules give you a better rate of return.


Once you have a bet on the table that you wish to be automatically placed in subsequent betting rounds, simply:
1. Click on the ‘Auto-Bet’ button next to the Timer.
2. Choose the amount of betting rounds you wish to partake in through the ‘Number of Spins’ field.
3. Then enter a loss limit within the ‘Stop when my balance reaches’ field. This is a mandatory field.
4. If you click the arrow at the top of the Auto-bet box and tick the box, you can also add an amount in the ‘Stop on a single win of’ field if you wish.
5. Press ‘Start’.
Your Chips will then be automatically placed in the next round and for as long as you have selected in the Number of Spins section or until your balance reaches the loss limit you set or you win the amount you entered into the single win field. Remember, you can ALWAYS click the ‘Stop’ button which in turn would end Auto-betting and prevent your chips being placed in the next and subsequent rounds.

Favourites and Patterns:
View and bet your saved Favourites bets and Pattern bets in the SAME place!
The moment you save a bet via the ‘Add Favourites’ button, that bet can be found the Favourites & Patterns section (directly above Add Favourites and lit up whenever you indeed add a favourite).
In this section you can View, Edit and even Bet with your saved Favourite bets. But that’s not all - the Patterns tab lists 31 different bet types which, when selected, will be placed on the table as a bet!

Neighbours and French Bets
Click on the Racetrack button to place ‘Neighbours’ bets as well as the ‘French bets’: ‘Voisins du zero’, ‘Tiers’ and ‘Orphelins’.


Roulette Express has both play and real-money versions. Before playing, players have the option to choose which of the two they want to access. Although the free 'fun' version of the game awards no money bonuses, it is perfect for those new to the game and looking to understand the workings of Roulette Express before laying down any bets.
Players are also entitled to a range of bonuses and promotions by signing up to play Roulette Express, from deposit-match sign-up bonuses to an ever-changing number of loyalty bonuses and promotions.

Bonus Options

We'd like to offer you an exclusive welcome bonus as well as future cashback and deposit offers. Would you like to receive these offers?

Once you have registered you will be able to change you bonus preferences at any time by contacting the the customer Support Team.

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