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How to play Baccarat

Although a card game just like Blackjack, the classic Baccarat is very much a game of chance and strategy or skill won't influence your chance of winning. Most casinos, both online and land-based, use the Punto Banco variant of the game which has clear rules about when an additional card is drawn. Therefore, any bet you place means taking a chance but it also gives quite the thrill when you do predict the outcome of the game!

At Vernons Casino you'll find both a Live Dealer Baccarat, as well as an animated version of this popular card game. Choose your stake and bet on Player or Banker to start the game.

Baccarat rules

Baccarat is played with just 2 hands, called 'Player' and 'Banker', even if there are multiple participants to the game. Before the game starts, players place a bet on the hand they think will win the game. The hand with the highest value, up to a maximum of 9, wins the game with an even money pay-out. If the game ends in a tie, the player receives his stake back.

Counting the value of each hand is a bit more complicated than in Blackjack. Each hand consists of a minimum of 2 cards which are dealt at the beginning of the game.

  • Cards 2 to 9 are worth their face value
  • 10 and all face cards count as 0
  • An Ace is worth 1 point
  • If the value of a hand exceeds 10, the rightmost digit represents the value. For example, a 5 and 6 mean a total of 11 points and the hand's value is just 1.

After the initial 2 cards have been dealt, both hands could get a third card based on the value of the hand. If the 'Player' hand is 5 or less, a third card is dealt. The 'Banker' uses the same rule if the 'Player' stopped at two cards. However, if the 'Player' has a hand of 3 cards, the rules for the 'Banker' are different.

Player draws 2 or 3 Banker draws if the value of his hand is 4 or less
Player draws 4 or 5 Banker draws if the value of his hand is 5 or less
Player draws 6 or 7 Banker draws if the value of his hand is 6 or less
Player draws 8 Banker draws if the value of his hand is 2 or less
Player draws 9, 10, face card or Ace Banker draws if the value of his hand is 3 or less

Banker bets: Remember that even though a bet on 'Banker' pays out even money just like 'Player', the casino takes a 5% commission. For example, if you place a £100 banker bet, you win £195. However, the house edge is usually lower with around 1.06% on 'Banker' and 1.24% on 'Player'. So it really is up to you which hand you bet on next!

Baccarat facts

Did you know that...

  • Two other baccarat variations called Chemin de fer and Baccarat banque exists where strategy and skill can help you win?
  • High-rollers in casinos are often found at the Baccarat table, wagering thousands on a single hand?
  • Baccarat Chemin de fer is James Bond's favourite game, featuring in the books written by Ian Fleming and several movie adaptations?
  • 'Punto Banco' in Italian literally means 'Player Banker'?

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